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The UK's leading training programme for 16-19 year old Orbiteers.

Orbit supports Orbiteers from schools across the UK to secure jobs in the industries of tomorrow, and launch businesses.

Our powerful accelerator training programme combines expert mentoring, exclusive workshops, online training content, and access to leading business figures and politicians.

With this support, we supercharge today’s youth to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Sponsors invest in the youth.

Orbiteers are required to secure one sponsor for their space on the programme, who pays £13.99 for 36 months. This covers the cost of our training materials and programme delivery, and we promise to invest 100% of our income back into the programme.

Sponsors are given a package of exclusive benefits.

Our sponsors are given access to exclusive events featuring some of the UK’s leading business & political figures, including billionaire entrepreneurs and famous athletes. Sponsors receive detailed monthly impact reports and tickets to the annual graduation.

£ 13
  • Detailed monthly impact reports on your Orbiteer's progress.
  • Tickets to our annual Orbiteer graduation event.
  • Tickets to our Life-Story events featuring billionaire entrepreneurs and leading politicians.
  • Photograph opportunities with our VIP visitors.
  • Exclusive offers from our partners.


During the 4 month programme, we’ll be supporting your Orbiteer to build the six key skills required for success. They will be given to support to launch their own business, or secure a job in an industry of tomorrow.

After completing the 4 months of intensive support on the accelerator, Orbiteers receive a further 24 months of ad-hoc support. This includes additional mentoring, workshops, and much more.

You call call us on 0141 406 3191, or send us an email at info@weareorbit.co.uk and ask to speak with our Finance Director David Smith.

You can also reach us through our Social Media Channels: @orbitincubator

Each sponsorship contract has a 36-month duration. When you apply to sponsor an Orbiteer, you are agreeing to continue the monthly payments for 36 months.

In the event that your Orbiteer leaves the programme within 2 weeks of joining Orbit’s Programme, then the sponsorship agreement will be terminated and you will no longer have to contribute.

 Orbiteers are given a two week period upon joining to explore if the programme is the best fit for them. 

When an Orbiteer joins the programme they are committing to a full 4 month period of intensive support in our accelerator followed by a 24 month period of additional support outside of the accelerator programme.

If an Orbiteer leaves the programme within the first two weeks of joining, we terminate the sponsorship agreement and you’ll no longer be required to pay.

Our sponsors are fundamental to our work and we strive to ensure that they are compensated for their contributions.

Each sponsor has access to our VIP Life-Story events (normally costing £120 per ticket). These events feature billionaire entrepreneurs, leading politicians, and famous athletes. 

Sponsors also have access to our graduation event, and receive monthly impact reports on the progress of their Orbiteer.

Typically, sponsors include parents, grandparents, and extended family members. Orbiteers can also contact local businesses for sponsorship.

In 2019, Orbit is expecting to work with 120 schools across the UK.  We’re also aiming to work with 400 Orbiteers per year by the close of 2019.

Orbit is a Social Enterprise. This means that we don’t accept donations for our work and we have to build a self-sustaining model that combines income with purpose.

Every penny of our income is reinvested back into creating and maintaining the programme.

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