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The Accelerator Programme

Orbit provides the UK’s only accelerator programme for 16-19 year old students. We support each “Orbiteer” over a four month period to launch their own businesses from scratch. The accelerator programme takes place in all major city centres and includes workshops, mentoring, and access to leading business figures.

Orbit’s accelerator programme provides expert support to high school students looking to launch their own businesses. Our next programme will commence in September 2020 and will welcome 400 students aged between 16-19 years old – called “Orbiteers” – to our ten centres across the United Kingdom.

The programme takes place over ten sessions between September 2020 and January 2021 and features exclusive workshops, expert mentoring, and access to billionaire entrepreneurs and leading politicians. With this package of support, seventeen year old students are building six-figure businesses and hiring staff members to run their businesses.

We recruit our Orbiteers through our network of 120 partner schools and the programme takes place outside of school hours in major city centres. Orbiteers are required to attend one “gaff session” every fortnight between September 2020 and January 2021, and the programme concludes with an awards dinner in London.

Our next programme will run from September 2020 and January 2021, and we’ll support 400 Orbiteers from 120 schools across 10 UK cities.

  • Business Mentor Application Deadline: Thursday 30th April 2020.
  • School Application Deadline: Friday 29th May 2020.
  • Orbiteer Application Deadline: Friday 31st July 2020.
  • Session One: Tuesday 15th September 2020, 6pm – 9pm.
  • Session Two: Tuesday 29th September 2020, 6pm – 9pm.
  • Session Three: Tuesday 13th October 2020, 6pm – 9pm.
  • Session Four: Tuesday 27th October 2020, 6pm – 9pm.
  • Session Five: Tuesday 10th November 2020, 6pm – 9pm.
  • Session Six: Tuesday 24th November 2020, 6pm – 9pm.
  • Session Seven: Tuesday 8th December 2020, 6pm – 9pm.
  • Session Eight: Tuesday 22nd December 2020, 6pm – 9pm.
  • Session Nine: Tuesday 5th January 2021, 6pm – 9pm.
  • Session Ten: Tuesday 19th January 2021, 6pm – 9pm.
  • Celebration Dinner: Friday 29th January 2021

Orbit’s programme aims to develop the UK’s next generation of entrepreneurs. After completing ten sessions on the programme, Orbiteers will receive:

  • Orbiteers can keep their businesses running for as long as they like.
  • Orbiteers keep every penny that they earn from their businesses. Some Orbiteers have earned over £100k!
  • Orbiteers develop the seven skills that are essential for success.
  • Orbiteers build connections with business leaders across the UK.
  • Orbiteers leave with two references and an incredible CV.
  • Orbiteers work with and befriend other Orbiteers from schools in their area, and from across the United Kingdom.
  • A completion certificate at the conclusion of the programme.

Orbit’s programme contains modules which are covered in our online courses and workshops. We’ll cover the following content during our 2020-2021 programme:

  • The mindset of an entrepreneur: learn the traits and behaviours of the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs.
  • The customer value proposition canvas: learn how to profile your target audience and build propositions to meet their needs.
  • The business model canvas: learn how to find a business model for your venture.
  • The lean start-up: learn how to validate your business idea and your business model.
  • Self-employment: learn what’s involved in self-employment and your legal responsibilities as a sole-trader.
  • Business plans: learn how to create a business plan for your venture.
  • Raising investment: learn how to get your business ready for investment.
  • Building a brand: learn how to create a brand and design your logo and branded materials.
  • Creating a website: learn how to build a stunning website using WordPress and Elementor.
  • Building a sales funnel: learn how to generate sales for your business through a sales funnel.
  • Growing your business: learn how to grow your business nationally and internationally.

Orbit’s programme runs from 10 cities across the United Kingdom. We currently operate from:

  • Glasgow.
  • Edinburgh.
  • Manchester.
  • Birmingham.
  • London.
  • Leeds.
  • Bristol.
  • Newcastle.
  • Cardiff.
  • Belfast.

Gaff Sessions.

Our Gaff Sessions take place every fortnight and gather 40 Orbiteers from 12 schools across the cities we operate from.

Each Gaff Session features expert mentoring from successful entrepreneurs, exclusive workshops, and the Orbiteer of the month award.

Online Courses.

Our Online Courses cover everything from sales to taxation, and Orbiteers have access to over 50 courses when participating in the programme.

The Orbit Platform also contains a Social Media tool for Orbiteers to connect with mentors and students across the UK.

VIP Life Stories.

Our VIP Life Story events see the UK’s most successful entrepreneurs and politicians visit Orbit and share their stories with our Orbiteers.

Orbiteers can ask our VIP visitors their pressing questions, have photographs taken, and meet the VIPs in person .

Expert support for students looking to launch their own businesses.

Get four months of expert support to launch your own business.

The accelerator programme is designed to help Orbiteers launch and build their own business whilst they are still at school. Orbiteers will keep 100% of the income they earn, and we’ll take them step by step through the process of launching their own business.

What's involved?

Each Orbiteer has four months of support on the programme.

Once accepted, you’ll have:

– One Gaff Session every fortnight, where you’ll meet with 40 Orbiteers in your region to participate in workshops, mentoring sessions, comfort crunchers, and the Orbiteer of the month award.

– Over 50 online courses covering everything from taxation to digital marketing.

– Access to our Life Story events, where you’ll learn (and meet!) from billionaire entrepreneurs, leading politicians, renowned athletes and famous singers.

– Tickets to the Orbit Retreat in London, where you’ll gather with Orbiteers from across the UK to a day full of inspirational workshops.

Become an Orbiteer.

Are you aged between 16-19 and looking to launch your own business? Apply to the accelerator programme and receive four months of expert support from leading entrepreneurs.

Become a School Partner.

Are you a teacher looking to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit in your students? Orbit is free for schools and takes less than five minutes to administrate.

Become a Business Mentor.

Are you an entrepreneur or a business professional looking to give something back? Join our team of Champions in your area, build your network, and support five teenage entrepreneurs.

Frequently asked questions.

We’re based in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, London, Leeds, Bristol, Newcastle, Cardiff, and Belfast.

Orbiteers and Schools within two hours of travelling time to one of our centres can participate.

Orbiteers are required to secure a sponsor for their space on the programme. Sponsorship costs just £13.99 per month for twelve months. Most Orbiteers have their parents/guardians sponsor their training.

If you’re a teacher, you can get your students involved by clicking here.

You can apply to our 2020-2021 programme before the 31st July 2020.

When you’re an Orbiteer, you’ll have to attend two compulsory gaff sessions per month. These take place between 6pm and 9pm on Tuesday evenings.

Throughout the month, you’ll have to spend between ten and twenty hours building your business.

After completing the programme, you’ll join our Alumni network and will have two years of online courses, Life Story events, and champion sessions (on request).

We’ll keep in touch with you throughout your time after leaving the programme.

No. Orbit is open to you as long as you’re aged between 16-19, and have a determination to succeed.

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