Our team.

Kieran Aitken - Managing Director.

Yeah, Kieran was the guy who hid behind a billionaire’s car for a few hours to get Orbit started. More on that here. Now, Kieran spends his 14 hour, caffeine fuelled workdays making sure that Orbit’s programme is the best of it’s kind. He makes sure that our Orbiteers are pushing themselves forward to great heights, and that Orbit’s operations are in crystal clean condition.

David Smith - Finance Director.

David makes sure we don’t go bankrupt, and he helps the sponsors of our Orbiteers get started. He has spent over 30 years in the finance sector and has been with Orbit since 2016. Word of warning: don’t ask him about politics.

James Fleming - Programme Director.

Once upon a time James Fleming managed a 30,000 person remit in Dubai’s largest oil and gas conglomerates. He’s now one of the UK’s most sought after sales and leadership coaches.

James has helped with the design of Orbit’s Programme and has given it his stamp of approval. Another word of warning: never say “I Can’t” when in the presence of James.

Lesley Kane - School Relations.

Legend has it that “Auntie Lesley” always wears shades. This is because she’s part of Orbit; the coolest kid on the block.

Lesley worked with the Prince’s Trust for over 20 years and helped keep their operations flowing smoothly. Now, she does the same at Orbit.

If you’re a school teacher, Auntie Lesley is the person you should be speaking to.

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