The Orbit Team

The Orbit Team

Orbit is the UK's largest accelerator programme for 16-19 year old Orbiteers. Supporting Orbiteers to launch businesses and secure jobs through our twelve month accelerator programme.

Layla Evans

Layla joined Orbit’s Accelerator Programme in March 2019, and is looking to kick start her career in Law with Orbit’s support. Layla, who is from Richmond Park Academy in West London, is participating in the Intrapreneur Programme and is seeking support to kick start her career.

Tell us more about yourself.

I am a student at Richmond Park Academy. I enjoy challenges and I always strive to push myself to the limit.I love reading books in my spare time, and I’m always keen to learn new things. After I leave school (and University) I would like to have a career in law, specifically a barrister. I have always found it so interesting and have had this passion from a young age. I find the role of a barrister more intriguing because they don’t have to specifically be in favour of one client.

With Orbit’s support, I’m looking to get my “foot on the ladder” in the Legal Profession and I’m keen to secure a part-time position in a law firm.

How can the business community support you?

I am actively looking for a part-time position in a law firm in London. Please get in touch!

Local businesses can sponsor me to participate on Orbits Programme by clicking here.

Email Address: laylaevans20@icloud.com

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