The Orbit Team

The Orbit Team

Orbit is the UK's largest accelerator programme for 16-19 year old Orbiteers. Supporting Orbiteers to launch businesses and secure jobs through our twelve month accelerator programme.

Adam O’Sullivan

Adam joined Orbit’s Accelerator Programme in December 2018, and has established “Smoove”, which produces healthy smoothies delivered to office buildings. Adam, who is from Walworth Academy in the south London, is participating in the Entrepreneur Programme and is seeking support to grow his business.

Tell us more about yourself.

My name is Adam, and I come from South London. I have many interests which include basketball, football, and boxing, all of which hold a special place in my heart.

I am in the entrepreneur programme and I’ve always had an aspiration to be my own boss. My business is called Smoove, which aims to help consumers adopt a healthy diet.  I’ve seen the growth in the food and drinks industry and have decided to enter the market. My business will specialise in drinks for now such as smoothies and fruit punch however down the line I look to venture into the “health foods” segment of the market.

At Smoove, we specialise on delivering healthy drinks straight to your office. I am also looking to sell within my own community and promote the business through word of mouth and social media.

I am an avid reader and movie goer, and I enjoy biographies and anything that stimulates my imagination. I have a strong moral compass and I have a set of values that are very important to me. These include loyalty, respect, honour, and most importantly, perseverance, as I believe these are the traits that will get me to where I need to be. 

I can’t talk about myself without thanking my family, who give me the drive, motivation, and encouragement to succeed.

How can the business community support you?

I’m looking to get in touch with office workers around London that would be interested in having Smoove Smothies delivered to their office.

Local businesses can sponsor me to participate on Orbits Programme by clicking here.

Email Address: adamosullivan23@gmail.com

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