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The Orbit Team

The Orbit Team

Orbit is the UK's largest accelerator programme for 16-19 year old Orbiteers. Supporting Orbiteers to launch businesses and secure jobs through our twelve month accelerator programme.

Wahab Shahbaz

Wahab Shabaz.

Manchester Accelerator Programme.

Wahab joined Orbit’s Accelerator Programme in March 2019, and is looking to establish his own investment management firm with Orbit’s support. Wahab, who is from Connell Sixth Form College in the east of Manchester, is participating in the Entrepreneur Programme and is seeking support to bring his investment business to reality.

Tell us more about yourself.

I am currently a student at Connell Sixth Form College with a passion for investing. I’ve been studying investment management for several years, and with Orbit’s support, I want to turn my passion into a profitable business.

I am looking to establish a company that invests in passive income producing assets. I’m not limited to EIS investments and I would rather stay away from the major stock markets. I’ve also looked at property investments.

My goal is to build a profitable business with a portfolio of investments (over £10,000 in assets) over the coming 12-months, and I’d reinvest the income into acquiring more assets.

How can the business community support you?

The business community can support me by offering investment advice, opportunities, and connections to investors. I’d be keen to attend networking events and meet new people.

Local businesses can sponsor me to participate on Orbits Programme by clicking here.

Email Address: wahab.shahbaz@yahoo.com

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