The Orbit Team

The Orbit Team

Orbit is the UK's largest accelerator programme for 16-19 year old Orbiteers. Supporting Orbiteers to launch businesses and secure jobs through our twelve month accelerator programme.

Stephanie Fajinmi

Stephanie Fajinmi

Manchester Accelerator Programme.

Stephanie joined Orbit’s Accelerator Programme in March 2019, and is looking to establish her own gym-wear clothing line with Orbit’s support. Stephanie, who is from Connell Sixth Form College in the east of Manchester, is participating in the Entrepreneur Programme and is seeking support to bring her clothing brand to reality.

Tell us more about yourself.

My name is Stephanie Fajinmi, I’m 17 years old, I have many interests but my main passion is fitness. I love the outdoors, being active, playing football, badminton, and going to the gym. I like being active and staying fit. I have a goal of launching the next big gym/fitness clothing brand.

With Orbit’s support, I am opening up a clothing brand as I have spotted a gap in the market. In the age of Social Media, people are increasingly self-conscious about their looks and appearance. The clothes I’m designing are stylish, well fitted, and provide a much needed confidence boost to young men and women looking to go to the gym.

My products are designed to reduce the appearance of sweat stains when working out at the gym.  This product will reduce my customers from feeling uncomfortable while working out, and my business has a vision to help customers “feel good when working out”.

How can the business community support you?

I am currently looking for businesses to help me on my journey,  and sponsor me for £13.99 per month to cover the cost of my training. In return, Orbit provides each sponsor with monthly progress updates, and access to their “Life-Story” events which feature billionaire entrepreneurs and leading politicians. Sponsors can meet the VIP visitors in person and have their photographs taken. Sponsors also get access to Orbit’s online courses and workshops.

I’d also like advice from professionals in the clothing/fitness industry so that I can take this to market.

I am preparing a business plan, and finalising my product design and will be looking to raise seed funding in the coming months.

Local businesses can sponsor me to participate on Orbits Programme by clicking here.

Email Address: stephfajinmi@gmail.com

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