Over 450 Orbiteers have been supported to launch businesses and secure jobs.
Over 130 schools across the UK have worked with us.
Orbiteers earned well over £250,000 from their jobs and businesses.

The UK's largest accelerator programme for 16-19 year old Orbiteers.

Every month, we support hundreds of Orbiteers to launch businesses and secure jobs. Our 12-month accelerator programme combines mentoring, workshops, and access to billionaire entrepreneurs and leading politicians.

Using our “secret sauce”, our Orbiteers have built six figure businesses before their 17th Birthday, secured jobs in artificial intelligence, and developed all the skills they need to succeed in tomorrow’s employment landscape.

See our recent video.

Orbit’s founder, Kieran, takes you behind the scenes and explains the inner workings of our programme, and our work with schools. 

Proud to be a Social Enterprise.

Social Enterprises are businesses that exist to better society. In Orbit’s case, we’re passionate about supporting our Orbiteers to launch their careers to the stratosphere.

Orbiteers secure two sponsors for their space on the programme, and we provide the sponsors with an exclusive package of perks and benefits. Every penny that we make is reinvested back into our Orbiteers, ensuring that today’s youth become the leaders of tomorrow.

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Our programme supports students from Glasgow to London. With 10 locations around the UK, you’re sure to find a programme near you.


The Orbiteer Times.

Meet the Orbiteers.

We’re proud as punch with the success our Orbiteers are achieving. See some of our featured stories here.


Layla Evans

Layla joined Orbit’s Accelerator Programme in March 2019, and is looking to kick start her career in Law with Orbit’s support. Layla, who is from


Adam O’Sullivan

Adam joined Orbit’s Accelerator Programme in December 2018, and has established “Smoove”, which produces healthy smoothies delivered to office buildings. Adam, who is from Walworth


Cerys Pollock

Cerys Rose Pollock. Edinburgh Accelerator Programme. Cerys joined Orbit’s Accelerator Programme in January 2019, and is looking to build a business that produces video game


Cameron Aitken

Cameron Aitken Edinburgh Accelerator Programme. Cameron joined Orbit’s Accelerator Programme in January 2019, and has already secured a prestigious job in the asset management field.


Stephanie Fajinmi

Stephanie Fajinmi Manchester Accelerator Programme. Stephanie joined Orbit’s Accelerator Programme in March 2019, and is looking to establish her own gym-wear clothing line with Orbit’s


Wahab Shahbaz

Wahab Shabaz. Manchester Accelerator Programme. Wahab joined Orbit’s Accelerator Programme in March 2019, and is looking to establish his own investment management firm with Orbit’s

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