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Receive world-class training content worth over £5000 starting at just £10.84 per month. Support an Orbiteer through their journey as you develop on your journey.

Access Orbit Retreats

Network with over 600 Orbiteers and 200 Business Owners in our retreats. Learn from over 50 Workshops and get inspired from our guest speakers.

Access Orbit online

Get an access pass to Orbit's online platform, featuring over 50 online courses, video content, and exclusive interviews with leading business and industry experts.

VIP Life-story tickets

Get exclusive access to our VIP Life-Story events. Learn from Billionaire entrepreneurs and leading politicians, and meet the VIPs in person.



Orbiteers join us from schools around the UK looking to launch a business or secure a job, and build the skills, networks, and attributes they’ll need to succeed in the future.

Our Orbiteers are required to secure between two and five sponsors for their space on Orbit’s Accelerator. Sponsors could include their parents, grandparents, neighbours, and local businesses. 


The sponsors split the £1950 price per Orbiteer between them, and pay it over a period of 36-months. If an Orbiteer has five sponsors, each sponsor pays £10.84/month and accounts for 20% of the Orbiteers total sponsorship value.

We give each sponsor access to training content worth over £5000, access to our VIP visitors, and tickets to our events.


36-months is a long time to get paid. So, we need to bring some millionaire and billionaire friends to the party. 

Investors give Orbit £1500 upfront for 75 Orbiteers every year, and we pay them back the full £1950 per Orbiteer from the monthly sponsorship income.



Sign-up to become a sponsor by clicking on the links contained on this page.


You'll be sent an automated email giving you the option to book a call with our sponsorship team. You'll receive an email within 24-hours from Worldpay with the set-up process.


After we receive your first payment through Worldpay, we'll send you a getting started with Orbit email. Then you can access all the benefits sponsorship has to offer.


Bronze Package

Secures 20% of an Orbiteers total requirement
£ 10
  • Monthly Impact Reports
  • Access to One Orbit Retreat.
  • Access to ten Orbit workshops.

Silver Package

Secures 25% of an Orbiteers total requirement
£ 13
  • Monthly Impact Reports
  • Access to one Orbit retreat.
  • Access to twenty Orbit workshops.
  • Access to Orbit's online training hub.

Gold Package

Secures 33% of an Orbiteers total requirement
£ 18
  • Monthly Impact Reports.
  • Access to two Orbit retreats.
  • Access to thirty Orbit workshops.
  • Access to Orbit's online training hub.
  • Access to 2x Orbit VIP Life-Story events.

Platinum Package

Secures 50% of an Orbiteers total requirement
£ 27
  • Monthly Impact Reports.
  • Access to four Orbit retreats.
  • Access to unlimited Orbit workshops.
  • Access to Orbit's online training hub.
  • Access to 2x Orbit VIP Life-Story events.
  • Platinum tickets for VIP Life-Stories.


Apply to become a Sponsor.

What happens if my sponsored Orbiteer leaves the programme?

In special circumstances, we will grant sponsors the ability to cancel their contracts if Orbiteers can prove that they are leaving the programme due to external factors outwith their control. Orbiteers are given a two month period to explore if they enjoy the programme before securing sponsors. When an Orbiteer joins the programme, they are committing to a full 12 month period of intensive support in our accelerator followed by a 24 month period of additional support outside of the accelerator programme.

Can I cancel my sponsorship contract?

When you sign the contract, you’re agreeing to pay a full amount of £974.88, £649.80, £487.44, or £389.88 over a period of 36-months, in instalments of £27.08/month, £18.05/month, £13.54/month, £10.83/month respectively. 

In the event that your Orbiteer leaves the programme within 6-months of their joining Orbit’s Accelerator, then the sponsorship agreement will be terminated.

What happens after my Orbiteer completes the 12-month programme?

After completing the 12 months of intensive support on the accelerator, Orbiteers receive a further 24 months of ad-hoc support which they can receive on their own free will. This includes additional mentoring, workshops, trips to Silicon Valley, and much more.

Who can I contact regarding sponsorship?

Contact info@weareorbit.co.uk and ask to speak with our Finance Director David Smith.

Where is the money spent?

Orbit is a Social Enterprise and we’ve opted to have an asset lock into our Articles of Incorporation. This implies that Orbit’s Directors must reinvest proceeds back into the business and that the transferring of monies/resources outside of Orbit is prohibited.

We use the sponsorship income to pay for:

  • Workshop Cost and Delivery;
  • Travelling Expenses for our Orbiteers;
  • Champion Wages;
  • Programme Manager Wages;
  • Venue Hire;
  • VIP Visitor Fees;
  • Handbooks;
  • IT Systems;
  • Cash-Prizes for Orbiteers;
  • Trips to Berlin and Silicon Valley;
  • Dinner with a Billionaire Awards for Orbiteers;
  • Programme Developments and Improvements;

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  • 0141 406 3191
  • info@weareorbit.co.uk
  • 10th Floor, Savoy Tower, 77 Renfrew Street, Glasgow, G2 3BZ

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