Inspiring the next generation to think bigger.

No more corporate, stale, and ineffective employability programmes.

We’re on a mission to inspire the next generation to think bigger, and we’re gathering everyone who wants to play a part.

Orbiteers can apply on this page, and we’re also looking for Programme Gaffers and business mentors.

We're looking for more orbiteers

Did you hear about us in school? 

If you’re wanting to join Orbit, either as an Intrapreneur or an Entrepreneur, you can apply online here.

Applications are processed on the third week of every month, and you’ll be notified by email.

We're looking for more Gaffers

Do you have a wealth of experience in business?

Our Regional Gaffers manage our Intrapreneur and Entrepreneur programmes in a city of their choosing across the UK.

This is a paid role, and we’re looking for a great presenter, an inspiring personality, and a wealth of experience that adds value to our Orbiteers. Apply by clicking here.

We're looking for more mentors

Got some experience that you would like to share?

Our mentors are either entrepreneurs, or industry experts in a given field. We look for warm and engaging personalities whom can bring the most out of our Orbiteers.

It takes just one hour per month, and our mentors receive expert training and access to the UK’s leading business figures and politicians.

Find out more by clicking here.

Inspiring the next generation to think bigger.

Telephone: 0141 406 3191

Main Office: 10th Floor, Savoy Tower, 77 Renfrew Street, Glasgow, G2 3BZ