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Working with schools

Sign up to Orbit’s accelerator programmes and grant eight students world class support.


Become one of the ten schools in your region to receive the most comprehensive training programme for 16-19 year old students. Orbit is completely free for schools/academies to participate in, and takes less than an hour to administrate.


Every year, Orbit works with 100 forward thinking secondary schools and academies across the UK. Each school that works with Orbit is granted eight places on Orbit’s Accelerator for 16-18 year old students.

The programme is designed to support students as they make the transition into the working world, and provides expert mentoring, workshops, online training, and access to the UK’s leading business and political figures.

With comprehensive support, your students are given a platform to bring their bright ideas and career aspirations to fruition.



Orbit’s accelerator is available for ten schools around each major city centre in the UK. After completing our application process, schools receive support from Orbit’s accelerators to help their students secure jobs and build businesses. Benefits include:

  • Orbit is completely free for schools, and the Programme’s administrative requirements are handled by Orbit’s team.
  • Each school is provided with Orbit handouts, online training, Orbit’s motivational movie, and eight spaces for 16-18 year old students on the accelerator programme.
  • School students and teachers receive tickets to Orbit’s Life-Story events, and the chance to meet billionaire entrepreneurs and leading politicians.
"Orbit provided a fabulous opportunity for our students, and the experience will have a positive and lasting impression on them"
Lynne Methven
Business Teacher
"Our staff benefited from the low administrative requirements, and Orbit's team were extremely helpful in establishing the programme for our students"
Nichola Mortimer
Williamwood High School



Teachers running Orbit’s programme are required to identify 8 students whom are best suited for support on our accelerator programme. Orbit provides our motivational #Rise2Power movie for display at a school assembly, and posters/flyers are provided for promoting the programme. Students apply to Orbit online.

Orbit will take less than one hour of a teacher’s time to administrate. After an initial phone-call from Orbit’s team, teachers are required to promote the programme within their school. Orbit’s team handles all other administrative tasks.

Orbit’s programme is completely free.

The eight students on Orbit’s accelerator programme receive 1:1 mentoring, expert workshops, online training, access to investors and recruiters, and access to leading business figures.

Each Orbiteer is granted twelve months of support on our accelerator, and all Orbiteers will secure a part-time job or a small business.

Some Orbiteers have earned six figure revenues from their business whilst still at school!

Orbit’s team comply with the disclosure/PVG scheme requirements, and we have processes and policies in place to ensure all Orbiteers are safe throughout their time on Orbit’s Programme.

Orbiteers are protected from financial loss and no Orbiteer is permitted to use debt-financing for their business.

Over 100 schools around the UK participate in Orbit. We limit the number of schools we work in to ten per region, and applications are either accepted or declined after a phone-call interview with a member of Orbit’s team.

Orbiteers visit Orbit’s Programmes on the last Tuesday (Intrapreneur Programme) or the last Thursday (Entrepreneur Programme) of each month. Each session takes place between 5.45pm – 7.45pm, and Orbiteers are provided with a list of all session dates/times.


About us

Founded in 2015, Orbit is a Social Enterprise on a mission to mould the UK’s emerging entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial talent

Our Accelerator Programme combines world class training with a unique culture, resulting in an atmosphere bursting with positive energy, creativity and ambition. 


Our Vision is for the UK to become the world leader in the production of tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

Our Mission is to lead the UK’s next generation of game-changers through a unique training experience, free for secondary schools and sixth-form academies.

Orbit Enterprise Education ltd. is a company limited by guarantee.