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15-Minute administration

We have a super-easy sign-up process for schools looking to get involved. With Orbit, there's no need for timetable changes or making transport arrangements.

Monthly impact reports

Every month our team of Champions will send you impact reports on how each student is progressing through the programme.

Completely free

Yes, it's free. Through our "Game-Changing" sponsorship model, the Orbit Programme is completely free for schools and the Orbiteers we work with.

Supports 15 students

We can support up to fifteen students from your school (aged between 15-19) to secure a positive destination and develop the skills required to succeed.

Application Process


Submit your application online through our application form, which can be found at the bottom of this page

10 Minute Induction

An email will be sent and you'll be able to book an induction call with our School Relationship Managers.


After your induction call is complete, you can book a free motivational speech where we'll tell your students about Orbit, or you can show your students our #Rise2Power Video.

Further Information

Orbit’s accelerator is looking to partner with ten schools in each city that we operate from. Our school partners help us to recruit the next generation of budding entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. 

Schools that work with Orbit are granted spaces for 15 students to participate in the programme. Our programme sits alongside the standard curriculum, and offers a broad range of subject areas which are not available in the current curriculum including Artificial Intelligence, Investing, and Interview Skills.

Working with Orbit grants your students access to an exclusive network of accelerator programmes limited to just ten schools per region.

Orbit only has capacity to work with ten schools in each region we run our programmes from. We work with Sixth-Form Academies and Secondary Schools whom are looking to provide fresh extra-curricular programmes for their 16-19 year old students to participate in.


  • The school must contain at least 50 students aged between 16-19 years of age.
  • The school should have a nominated teacher whom takes responsibility for managing the relationship with Orbit.
  • The school must be in a catchment area with nearby city centre bus/train/public transport links to our City Centre based locations.
  • The school should apply to Orbit’s Programme as soon as possible to avoid being placed on our waiting list.

Schools can apply to Orbit and establish the programme within their school with just five steps:

  • Schools nominate their chosen teacher to administrate the programme. The teacher can then apply through the application form at the bottom of this page.
  • Our school’s relationship manager will arrange a phone-call induction with the link teacher in the school.
  • The school is sent Orbit posters, flyers, and our #Rise2Power promotional video.
  • Students from the school apply to Orbit through our website’s application form.
  • Our school relationship manager informs the school of who was selected to join the programme, and we’ll send monthly progress updates on the progress of your students.

Orbit takes less than half an hour of a teacher’s time to administrate.

The main administrative duties include raising awareness of the Orbit programme to students within the school. After we receive applicants from students, we’ll let you know who we accept to the programme and send you monthly progress reports on the development of your students.

Orbit’s programme takes place on weekday evenings and weekends. Schools are not required to make any changes to timetables to accommodate the programme, and teachers are not required to administrate travel support.

Orbit’s programme has supported hundreds of Orbiteers from schools around the UK for over 3 years. When a school works with us, they can expect the following results:

  • Up to fifteen students can benefit from our package of support.
  • Orbiteers can earn substantial amounts of money from their businesses/part-time jobs.
  • Orbiteers are trained to develop their communication, leadership, teamwork, planning, sales, networking, and critical thinking skills.
  • Orbiteers build networks with leading business figures and politicians, whom assist our Orbiteers to launch their career into the stratosphere.
  • Orbiteers have an opportunity to travel across the UK at weekends and experience new cultures.
  • Orbiteers can win cash prizes, dinner with a billionaire, and trips abroad to build international awareness and networks.
  • Orbiteers will leave Orbit having identified their ideal career path, and will have a five year career plan to help them get started.
  • Orbiteers will leave the programme with two references and an expertly designed CV.

“Incredible. I highly recommend schools to get involved.”

Pauline O’neill, Education, North Lanarkshire Council.

“Orbit’s team were very helpful with the administration”

Nichola Mortimer, Williamwood High School

“The Orbit experience will benefit our students for years to come”

Lynne Methven, Teacher, Saint Bendict’s High.

Apply to Orbit.

Apply to Orbit through the below application form. You'll receive an email to book a call with our School Relationship Manager.

Is Orbit free for schools?

Yes, Orbit is completely free for both schools and Orbiteers. We’ve developed a unique sponsorship model which allows Orbiteers and Schools to access content worth £2000/Orbiteer completely free of charge.

Will this interfere with class times?

No, Orbit’s programme takes place during weekday evenings and weekends. Teachers are not required to change class timetables or administrate travel arrangements.

What health, safety, and security procedures are in place?

You can be sure that your students are safe when participating in Orbit’s accelerator. Our team are put through disclosure checks and are trained on proper conduct when working with young people. All of our buildings are provided by RBS/Natwest/EY, and comply with fire safety regulations. Security guards are stationed at all entrance and exit points to our Gaffs.

How can I make our application stand out?

We want to work for schools that share our passion for careers based, vocational training. We operate a first come first served basis for schools that match our criteria, which is listed near the top of this page.

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