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What is the Accelerator?

What’s involved?

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Supporting 16-19 year old students to launch businesses and secure jobs.

We’re the UK’s only Accelerator Programme for 16-19 year old school students. We take our Orbiteers, step by step, through the process of building six figure businesses and securing jobs in the industries of tomorrow.

Our Accelerator Programme is not a game, or an extra-curricular activity. Orbiteers are building real businesses, and kick starting careers in the industries of tomorrow.

With a little ambition, hard work, and our support, we’re supporting Orbiteers across the UK to launch their bright ideas.

See our recent video.

Orbit’s founder, Kieran, takes you behind the scenes and explains the inner workings of our programme, and our work with schools. 

Launch a business, or secure your dream job.

Get twelve months of expert support to launch a business or secure a job. Orbiteers can choose what programme to join when applying.

  • Our Intrapreneur Programme is designed to help Orbiteers identify their dream job, secure their dream job, and rapidly advance in their chosen career path. Orbiteers will keep 100% of the earnings from their job, and the programme is designed to help students secure part-time jobs, full-time jobs, and apprenticeships.
  • Our Entrepreneur Programme is designed to help Orbiteers launch and build their own business whilst they are still at school. Orbiteers will keep 100% of the income they earn, and we’ll take them step by step through the process of launching their own business.

What's Involved?

Each Orbiteer has twelve months on the programme, and we accept new Orbiteers to the programme every month. Once accepted, you’ll have:

  • One Gaff Session per month, where you’ll meet with 50 Orbiteers in your region to participate in workshops, comfort crunchers, and the Orbiteer of the month award.
  • One Champion session, where you’ll receive mentoring from millionaire entrepreneurs and industry leaders.
  • Over 50 online courses.
  • Access to our Life Story events, where you’ll learn (and meet!) from billionaire entrepreneurs, leading politicians, renowned athletes and famous singers.
  • Tickets to the Orbit Retreat in London, where you’ll gather with Orbiteers from across the UK to a day full of inspirational workshops.


By the time you leave Orbit’s Programme, you will have:

  • If you’re in the Intrapreneur route, you’ll have a part time job, full time job, or apprenticeship in a career path of your choice.
  • If you’re in the Entrepreneur route, you’ll have a business that you can run alongside school commitments, and you can keep your business running for as long as you like.
  • You’ll keep every penny you earn. Some Orbiteers have earned over £100k!
  • You’ll develop the seven skills that are essential for success.
  • You’ll have connections to business leaders across the UK.
  • You’ll have two references, and an incredible CV.
  • You’ll work with, and befriend Orbiteers from schools across your region (and across the UK!)

Frequently asked questions.

We’re based in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham, London, Leeds, Bristol, Newcastle, Cardiff, and Belfast.

Orbiteers and Schools within two hours of travelling time to one of our centres can participate.

Yes, Orbit is free for both Schools and Orbiteers.

We use “The Sponsorship Model”, and businesses sponsor our Orbiteers to participate in the programme. Each Orbiteer secures two sponsors for their space on the programme (we help our Orbiteers with this) and we reinvest 100% of our income back into the programme.

If you’re a teacher, you can get your students involved by clicking here.

Orbit’s Accelerator Programme is a rolling programme. This means that we have content that repeats itself every twelve months.

Orbiteers can join during any month of the year, and they will have twelve months on the programme after their start date.

When you’re an Orbiteer, you’ll have to attend two compulsory sessions per month. These will take two evenings per month.

Throughout the month, you’ll have to spend between ten and twenty hours building your business/securing your job.

After completing the programme, you’ll join our Alumni network and will have two years of online courses, Life Story events, and champion sessions (on request).

We’ll keep in touch with you throughout your time after leaving the programme.

No. Orbit is open to you as long as you’re aged between 16-19, and have a determination to succeed.

How to apply

We can’t wait to welcome you to our Accelerator Programme. Click on one of the links below to get started.

Become an Orbiteer.

Start your journey today.

Apply to receive twelve months of expert support to launch a business or kick-start your career.

Become a School Partner.

Support your students to kick-start their careers.

Joining is free, and you can get started in two clicks.

Become a Champion.

Inspire the next generation to think bigger.

Join our Champion team today. Build your network, and support tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

Some inspiring stories.

We’re proud as punch of the results our Orbiteers are getting. Read their profiles here.


Layla Evans

Layla joined Orbit’s Accelerator Programme in March 2019, and is looking to kick start her career in Law with Orbit’s support. Layla, who is from

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Adam O’Sullivan

Adam joined Orbit’s Accelerator Programme in December 2018, and has established “Smoove”, which produces healthy smoothies delivered to office buildings. Adam, who is from Walworth

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Cerys Pollock

Cerys Rose Pollock. Edinburgh Accelerator Programme. Cerys joined Orbit’s Accelerator Programme in January 2019, and is looking to build a business that produces video game

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Cameron Aitken

Cameron Aitken Edinburgh Accelerator Programme. Cameron joined Orbit’s Accelerator Programme in January 2019, and has already secured a prestigious job in the asset management field.

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Stephanie Fajinmi

Stephanie Fajinmi Manchester Accelerator Programme. Stephanie joined Orbit’s Accelerator Programme in March 2019, and is looking to establish her own gym-wear clothing line with Orbit’s

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Wahab Shahbaz

Wahab Shabaz. Manchester Accelerator Programme. Wahab joined Orbit’s Accelerator Programme in March 2019, and is looking to establish his own investment management firm with Orbit’s

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