Expert support for the entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs of tomorrow.


Programme overview

We’re working with 600 Orbiteers per month, and supporting 16-19 year old students to launch businesses and secure jobs.

Travel around the UK and meet with like-minded Orbiteers. Receive monthly mentoring sessions from our champions, and get support to bring your ambitions to fruition.

Build a curriculum around what you want to learn, with over 50 workshops and 50 online courses. Meet with billionaire entrepreneurs and political leaders, and ask them the questions you want answered.

The accelerator programme isn’t just a training programme… it’s an experience.

Accelerator Introduction

“SharpDiv”, a Youtuber with over 10,000 subscribers, explains how the Orbit experience is changing lives across the country.

We’ve provided David with support for his business and he is now Orbit’s video production partner.

Our accelerator is designed to allow Orbiteers to explore their passions and interests, and build a curriculum around their own needs. We’ve deliberately included a broad range of subject areas and Orbiteers choose what they want to learn. With this approach, Orbiteers discover new career paths that spark their interest and help them decide upon what they’d like to do with their future.

Examples of the content we cover:

  • User Experience Design.
  • Real Estate.
  • Investing in Equities, Index Funds, ETFs, Bonds, Cryptocurrencies, and Commodities.
  • Cash-Flow Forecasts.
  • Taxation.
  • Employment Law.
  • Contract Law.
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Digital Marketing.
  • Virtual Reality.
  • Predictive Analytics.
  • Product Design.
  • Website Development.
  • Coding.
  • Retail.
  • Sales.
  • And so much more…

Orbit’s programme is designed not just to present knowledge, but to develop the skills that allow Orbiteers to apply the knowledge that they’ve gained. We’ve worked with psychology experts, development coaches, and business leaders to identify the skills needed to succeed in tomorrow’s working world.

The accelerator programme is designed to push Orbiteers beyond their comfort zone.

  • Communication Skills: Orbiteers can comfortably speak on stage, and conduct themselves appropriately when meeting with new people. We help Orbiteers to build rapport in relationships and display charisma when meeting new people.
  • Critical Thinking: Orbiteers can look at information presented to them, and evaluate the points made. We remind Orbiteers that not everything they read (even in school textbooks) is true, and that they should question the sources and quality of information.
  • Sales Skills: you don’t have to work in sales to be a salesperson. In truth, everyone is selling themselves; whether it’s to an employer or an investor. Orbiteers will implement the six factors of persuasion and encourage people to adopt their ideas and concepts.
  • Self-Discipline: Orbiteers are encouraged to begin managing their personal finances, and their time. We encourage Orbiteers to take responsibility for their own actions without blaming external circumstances for short-comings.
  • Leadership Skills: Orbiteers are given opportunities to take control of situations, communicate a vision, and develop their style of leadership. 
  • Team-working Skills: The working world of tomorrow will reply heavily on small project teams, and the ability to build relationships, allocate tasks and resources, and maintain harmonious relationships are essential for working environments.
  • Creativity: Orbiteers can take concepts presented to them, and tailor them to suit the needs of specific situations. Orbiteers are encouraged to create solutions for problems as opposed to adopting standard practices.
  • Networking Skills: Orbiteers will be comfortable, and able to nurture relationships with industry leaders whom can add value to their endeavours. Orbiteers learn how to foster relationships and participate in networking events.

We’re looking for Orbiteers whom have a keen interest in launching their career into the stratosphere.

Entry Criteria:

  • Aged 16-19 years old.
  • Currently in education.*
  • Lives within 45 minutes travelling time from one of our Gaffs.
  • Completely committed to attending our compulsory sessions, and eager to participate in non-compulsory sessions.

The Ideal Orbiteer:

  • Ambitious.
  • Strong work ethic.
  • Eager to learn about the future of work.
  • Can demonstrate their commitment to completing projects.
  • A willingness to try new things, follow bold ideas, and leave your comfort zone behind.
  • Willing to meet new people and build networks with valuable contacts.
  • Would like to travel to cities around the UK.
  • A keen interest to launch a business (entrepreneur route)

*Exceptions can be granted.


Orbit Accelerators are currently available in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham and London. We’ll open an additional five accelerators in Leeds, Bristol, Newcastle, Belfast, and Cardiff by June 2019.

Orbit’s programme contains 50 workshops, which take place every weekend across the UK. Although attendance is not compulsory, Orbiteers are encouraged to travel in groups to the workshops with the aim of building connections with other Orbiteers & business leaders across the UK.


Orbit’s accelerator has compulsory and non-compulsory features.


  • Gaff Sessions: The monthly “Gaff sessions” take place on the last Tuesday evening (Intrapreneur Programme) and last Thursday evening (Entrepreneur Programme) of every month, between 5.45pm and 7.45pm.
  • Champion Meetings: Orbiteers can choose a suitable date/time in their schedule with their champion for a one hour monthly meeting.


  • Online Training Courses.
  • Workshops.
  • Life-Stories.


Orbiteers keep 100% of the income from their business or job. Some Orbiteers have earned upwards of £100,000 and we aim to support Orbiteers to earn at least £10,000+ from their endeavours.


Orbiteers meet with leading business figures and industry leaders throughout their stay on the accelerator. Our champions make introductions to sector specific contacts whom can add value to an Orbiteer’s endevours.


We have monthly “Orbiteer of the Month” awards which recognise the achievements of our cohorts. Our annual awards provide the opportunity for Orbiteers to compete for awards including: 

  • Dinner with a billionaire.
  • £1000 – £3000 Cash Prizes.
  • Holidays and trips across the globe, including Silicon Valley, California.


Orbiteers are given a completion certificate detailing the progress that they’ve made, and their achievements throughout the programme.


Orbiteers will leave the programme with a clear plan for the first five years of their career. Orbit’s programme is designed to help Orbiteers find a future career path which they can excel in. Orbiteers are encouraged to find career paths that inspire and excite them.


All Orbiteers leave the programme with two references; one from the Programme Gaffer and one from the Orbiteer’s Champion.


  • Public speaking and communication skills.
  • Sales, charisma, and persuasive skills.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Team management and project management.
  • Financial management, budgeting, and investing skills.
  • CV writing and interview mastery skills.
  • Networking skills.
  • Developing, and enhancing creativity.
  • Analysing data and critical thinking.

Sponsorship Model

Orbit is completely free for teachers, schools, and the Orbiteers we work with. Our sponsorship model is a pioneering initiative that matches investors, sponsors and Orbiteers together. This model has been a “game-changer” for Social Enterprises, and allows Orbit to invest large amounts of capital into our accelerator programme.

Accelerator Sponsor Fees

  • £1950 per Orbiteer, for 12 months of accelerator support and 24 months of post accelerator support.
  • Each Orbiteer can secure up to five sponsors. Each sponsor agrees to pay Orbit over a 36-month period.

Fees Per Sponsor

  • If an Orbiteer secures two sponsors, each sponsor pays £27.08 per month.
  • If an Orbiteer secures three sponsors, each sponsor pays £18.05 per month.
  • If an Orbiteer secures four sponsors, each sponsor pays £13.54 per month.
  • If an Orbiteer secures five sponsors, each sponsor pays £10.83 per month.

“A sponsor” could include (but is not limited to) a parent, a grandparent, a local business, or a neighbour. Orbit provides a package of benefits to the sponsors, and training is provided to Orbiteers on securing sponsorship. We don’t encourage Orbiteers to sponsor themselves and Schools are not expected to pay for the programme.

Securing two sponsors has proven to be a simple process, and Orbiteers have a 60 day period to secure their sponsors after joining the programme.

Find out more about how our sponsorship model is changing lives across the UK by clicking here.


Looking to kick start your career? Our Intrapreneur accelerator provides the most comprehensive career support available. Our support is centred around helping our Orbiteers to secure jobs, either in an industry of the future or an industry of the Orbiteer's choice. We provide Orbiteers (whom are ready for employment) with opportunities in start-up companies to apply what they have learned. The programme exposes Orbiteers to the future of work, and explains the industries likely to be replaced by automation. We develop the skills needed to secure jobs and thrive in the workplace; including CVs, interview skills, entering the workforce, conducting meetings, delivering presentations, and working in teams.


Looking to develop a business from idea to fruition? Our Entrepreneur Accelerator is the first of it's kind for 16-19 year old students. We support Orbiteers to find a viable business idea, develop a business model, build a product, implement sales funnels, conduct marketing campaigns, manage operations and supply chains, and measure business performance. Even if the Orbiteer does not have a business idea, we have a package of businesses that can be launched by following our "recipe". We focus on developing entrepreneurial behaviours, and nurturing the key skills required for success including: pitching, conducting meetings, networking, organising resources, and planning for success.


Our workshops take place at weekends across 10 UK cities. Our workshops are delivered by industry experts and are designed to be both informative and enjoyable.


Every month, Orbiteers in each region gather in their local Orbit "Gaff". These sessions feature award shows, group brainstorming, and tasks centred around personal development.


All Orbiteers are allocated a "Champion", and receive a one hour mentoring session every month. The Champion's motivate, advise, and guide our Orbiteers to reach their full potential.


Orbiteers have access to five life-story events, where billionaire entrepreneurs, leading politicians, and athletes share their stories and meet with our Orbiteers in person.


Orbiteers can access up to fifty online training courses which are delivered by industry experts. The platform also allows Orbiteers to live-stream workshops from across the UK.


Orbiteers are recognised for their efforts through monthly and annual award shows. Orbiteers can compete for rewards including dinner with a billionaire and cash prizes.


In this video, Orbit's Founder Kieran Aitken explains the benefits that schools are receiving for participating in the Orbit Programme.

  • Orbit is completely free for schools.
  • Schools can send up to fifteen students to participate in the Orbit Programme.
  • Orbit takes less than fifteen minutes for a teacher to administrate.
  • Orbit meets the government’s targets for vocation, enterprise, and employability based learning.
  • 100% of the students whom have participated in Orbit’s Programmes have reached a positive destination.


In this video, Orbit's Founder Kieran Aitken explains how our innovative sponsorship model is changing lives across the UK.

When joining the programme we train our Orbiteers to secure sponsorship for their space on the programme.

Sponsors can pay Orbit for as little as £10.83/month. For every Orbiteer we have, an investor in our network provides a cash injection upfront which we invest in the programme.

  • Orbit is completely free for both schools and Orbiteers.


We believe in rewarding success. Therefore, Orbiteers who work hard, show commitment, and surpass their goals have the chance to win amazing experiences.

Dinner with a billionaire

The Silicon Valley Experience

The New York Experience

“An incredible experience. To sum it all up… Life Changing.”

Luke Arghiros, 17, Founder of DigitalBoost.

“Orbit helped me with my confidence and communication skills.”

Louise Marshall, 19, Intrapreneur

“Orbit is an unbelievable opportunity that cannot be missed.”

Kieran Donnelly, 16, Founder of Vulcan PC.

Is Orbit free for schools?

Yes, Orbit is completely free for both schools and Orbiteers. We’ve developed a unique sponsorship model which allows Orbiteers and Schools to access content worth £2000/Orbiteer completely free of charge.

What happens on my first session?

You’ll be given a video introduction to the programme upon being accepted and an information guide outlining session dates and the location. You’ll be given a warm welcome and join 30 new and existing Orbiteers in our Gaff where the programme will be explained to you.


No, Orbiteers are not required to travel around the UK. Orbiteers can watch live-stream video footage of events and workshops that take place every weekend. We do encourage Orbiteers to travel, as this allows them to explore new cities and make valuable connections across the UK.

What happens when I complete 12 months on the accelerator?

After completing the 12 months of intensive support on the accelerator, Orbiteers receive a further 24 months of ad-hoc support which they can receive on their own free will. This includes additional mentoring, workshops, trips to Silicon Valley, and much more.

When can I join the accelerator programme?

Orbit is a rolling programme. This means that Orbiteers join every month, and Orbiteers that have received their 12 months of intensive support move onto the post accelerator package of support. Inductions are provided to new Orbiteers every month.


About us

Founded in 2015, Orbit is a Social Enterprise on a mission to mould the UK’s emerging entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial talent

Our Accelerator Programme combines world class training with a unique culture, resulting in an atmosphere bursting with positive energy, creativity and ambition. 


Our Vision is for the UK to become the world leader in the production of tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

Our Mission is to lead the UK’s next generation of game-changers through a unique training experience, free for secondary schools and sixth-form academies.

Orbit Enterprise Education ltd. is a company limited by guarantee.