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The Accelerator

Launch your career into the stratosphere. Apply for 12 months of support to transform your ambitions into reality.


Across the UK, 600 teenage Orbiteers are participating in our accelerator programme which is backed by some of the world’s largest companies.

Our approach sees a group of 30 Orbiteers meet every month, where they receive a wealth of cutting edge support to succeed in their chosen occupation.

Our approach has been proven to build the confidence, networks, habits, and knowledge that set apart our Orbiteers in today’s competitive world.

And, we have a great time in the process.


You are (literally) two clicks away from launching your career into Orbit.

Monthly Mentoring Sesions

Work with some of the UK's sharpest mentors to launch your career into the stratosphere. Orbiteers meet with our mentors every month to receive feedback, craft plans, and gain expert advice.

Monthly Workshops

We don't do boring powerpoints. Our workshops take place every month, and are focused on the topics that Orbiteers don't learn in the classroom.

Life-Story Events

Every year, Orbit hosts some of the UK's biggest names in politics and business to share their Life-Story. Orbiteers have the chance to meet with political leaders and billionaire entrepreneurs.

Digital Training

Learn the skills that aren't taught in schools. Our 52 week online training programme is thorough in detail, and provides a wealth of materials to set our Orbiteers apart from the crowd.

Network Access

Sometimes who you know can be more important than what you know. Orbit's accelerator brings the UK's top headhunters, recruiters and investors face-to-face with our Orbiteers.

#Rise2Power Groups

Every month, our Orbiteers work in small groups to tackle real world business problems. Working in teams, they analyse case studies and present their solutions.


The Intrapreneur Accelerator

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12 months of expert support for 16-19 year olds wanting to secure a part-time position in an industry of their choice.
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The Entrepreneur Accelerator

Information & Apply

12 months of support for 16-19 year old students wanting to launch a business.
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About us

Founded in 2015, Orbit is a Social Enterprise on a mission to mould the UK’s emerging entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial talent

Our Accelerator Programme combines world class training with a unique culture, resulting in an atmosphere bursting with positive energy, creativity and ambition. 


Our Vision is for the UK to become the world leader in the production of tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

Our Mission is to lead the UK’s next generation of game-changers through a unique training experience, free for secondary schools and sixth-form academies.

Orbit Enterprise Education ltd. is a company limited by guarantee.