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Ready to inspire the next generation to

Our Programme Gaffers manage our programmes across the UK.

Programme Gaffers have at least 15 years of experience within business, and they are willing to commit to the development of tomorrow’s leaders.

This is a paid role, and requires eight hours of work per month. 

Our Gaffers deliver captivating workshops, and manage the sessions of both our Intrapreneur and Entrepreneur programmes in their region.

Programme Gaffers report directly to Orbit’s Managing Director, Kieran Aitken.

The Role of the Programme Gaffer

Programme Gaffers deliver our 12 workshops, and link their own stories and experience to the workshop content.

After each workshop, the Gaffers overlook the group work exercises that the Orbiteers participate in.

Our Gaffers help us to recruit twelve business mentors whom work directly with the Orbiteers. 

The mentors come the Gaffer’s network, and they receive training and an induction from Orbit’s team.

Our Gaffers manage two Orbit sessions per month.

This includes organising the mentors, setting up the meeting rooms with our materials, following the meeting agendas, and ensuring that everything goes to plan.

Why become a Programme Gaffer?

Programme Gaffers receive a wage of £100+ per month. 

The Gaffer is only required to work for three evenings per month, and the role doesn’t interfere with standard business hours.

Programme Gaffers are given a one day training programme with the UK’s leading business coaches and Public Speaking Coaches.

We’ll show you how to deliver workshops, and organise the Orbit meetings.

Programme Gaffers enjoy face-to-face access with some of the UK’s leading business figures and politicians.

Furthermore, Programme Gaffers have the satisfaction of supporting hundreds of Orbiteers towards a bright future.

What our Gaffers say.

I've had over thirty years of business experience across a variety of business occupations. I was looking for a new challenge that could keep my mind fresh to new ideas, and inspire me in my business endeavours. I had a desire to pass on some of my business experience to today's youth, and I was struggling to find a way of doing it. Orbit's Programme Gaffer role gave me the platform to leave a legacy, and it didn't interfere with my daily business commitments either.

Steve Ponton, Edinburgh Programme Gaffer.

Become a Gaffer in three, easy steps.

Becoming a Gaffer is a simple process. 

  1. Please fill out the form to apply. 
  3. After we receive your application, you’ll be invited to participate in a 15 – 25 minute interview with Orbit’s Managing Director, Kieran Aitken.
  5. If you’re successful, we’ll arrange a suitable time for our induction day training, and provide you with all the information you need to integrate into the role.

Please note that we may request to run background checks through the Disclosure scheme to safeguard the young people we’re working with.

Inspiring the next generation to think bigger.

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