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What are Life-Story Events?

Upcoming Events.

Inspiration, Networking, Insights.

Learn from billionaire entrepreneurs, famous athletes, leading politicians, and industry leaders at our Life-Story events.

Taking place around the UK, Orbit’s “Life-Story” events take you on the journey that our VIPs have taken to achieve success. You’ll learn their tips for success, and have the chance to meet our VIP in person.

Learn from the best

Our VIP Life-Story events feature billionaire entrepreneurs and leading politicians. Learn their story, and their tips for success.

Photograph Opportunities

Meet with our VIP visitors in person, and have professional photographs taken with them.


When you sponsor an Orbiteer, you get unlimited access to our VIP Life-Story events. Sponsorship starts at just £13.99 per month.


Network with business leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs in your area.

Upcoming Life-Story Events

Date: Thursday 28th March 2019, 5:30pm- 7:30pm.

Location: Glasgow Gaff.

Date: To Be Announced.

Location: Edinburgh Gaff.

Date: To Be Announced.

Location: London Gaff.

Date: To Be Announced.

Location: Manchester Gaff.

Date: To Be Announced.

Location: Birmingham Gaff.

Date: To Be Announced.

Location: Leeds Gaff.

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