Inspiring the next generation to think bigger.

Promote a positive message, and your business.

Our Inspire Package allows your organisation to promote a positive message within schools, and receive increased brand awareness and Social Media followers in the process.

We’re not allowed to promote products and services. Instead, we promote messages that add value to 11 – 18 year old students.

For example, this could be a staff member stating their best advice for school students, or it could promote entry points into your industry and the opportunities available.

How it works

Choose Your Message

Choose a positive message that you’d like to display to 11-18 year old students. It could raise awareness of the career pathways in your industry, for example.

Also include Social Media handles.

Choose Your School

Pick a school matching the demographics that match with your message. You could even place your message in a local school. 

Reap the Rewards

Our campaign managers will take care of the design, production, and placement of your posters. 

We’ll keep you updated, as you enjoy increased exposure.

Benefit One: Brand Exposure

A subscription to our ‘Inspire Package’ sees your brand generate 11,000 impressions per month.

This exposure results in increased awareness, and Social Media accounts will receive more views and followers.

Receive double the exposure for the same price as a Facebook advertising campaign, and leave a positive impact in the process.

Benefit Two: Life-Story Ticket

Receive one complementary ticket to a ‘Life-Story’ event of your choice.

Tickets normally start at £25, and attendees receive fantastic networking opportunities, along with hearing from some of the UK’s top business and political figures.

We host at least two of these events per year.

6 Month Subscription

Paid Monthly
£ 49
  • Five Posters Placed in One School
  • Over 10,000 Monthly Impressions Per School
  • A Campaign Manager to help you achieve the best ROI
  • 3 Free Templates Available
  • 1 Complementary Ticket to our 'Life Story' Events

12 Month Subscription

Paid Monthly
£ 39
  • Five posters placed in one school
  • Over 10,000 Monthly Impressions
  • A Campaign Manager to help you achieve the best ROI
  • 3 Free templates available
  • 1 Complementory Ticket to our 'Life-Story' Events

For Businesses and Organisations.

Work with one of the UK’s fastest growing Social Enterprises. Start your journey in two simple steps:

1) We’ll call you and provide you with an information pack.

2) One of our representatives will meet with you for a coffee. This gives you a chance to build a relationship with our team, and ask any questions that you may have. 

For programme partnerships, one of our directors, either Kieran Aitken or James Fleming, will arrange to meet with you.


Inspiring the next generation to think bigger.

Telephone: 0141 406 3191

Main Office: 10th Floor, Savoy Tower, 77 Renfrew Street, Glasgow, G2 3BZ