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Sir Tom Hunter visiting Orbit in 2016.

Working with organisations.

Modern and exclusive solutions for recruitment and marketing purposes. 

Business clients account for over 50% of our revenue, and we focus on meeting their needs. Each business client is provided with a relationship manager, and we respond to communications within two hours.

More importantly the revenues we earn through our work with corporate and business clients are reinvested in our programmes. Therefore, every business client we have is making a difference to the prospects of tomorrow’s workforce.

We have three packages available for business clients, which are detailed below. 

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Orbit is one of the UK’s only providers of advertising and marketing solutions inside schools that target the 11 – 18 year old demographic.

Starting from just £40 per month, you can raise your brand awareness in this demographic through poster marketing within schools.

We cannot specifically advertise products and services. Instead, our clients expect to receive a significant increase in brand awareness, and social media followers by promoting a ‘positive’ message in schools. 

A programme partnership could see your company work with us for a one year period in a set region. Benefits include:

-Promotional Posters in 15 schools, increasing brand awareness and generating over 150,000 impressions per month.

-Recruitment access to our pool of Orbiteers. Recruit the very best of the UK’s up and coming talent, after they have received thorough, tailor made training from Orbit.


If you’re an apprentice provider, or training company providing apprenticeships, Orbit has the perfect package to complement your work.

We cut recruitment costs for finding quality apprentices by half in some cases.

Furthermore, every apprentice we put forward will have / or will be receiving our expert support on building their intrapreneurial skill-set, so that upon joining the organisation, they hit the ground running.

We also work with training providers to provide companies looking to recruit apprentices. Please contact us for info.

We host, on average, two ‘Life Story’ events per year. Our life-story events see some of the UK’s biggest names in business, politics, and athletics share their life story.

Tickets start at £25 per session. Programme partners get unlimited free tickets, and In-School advertisers receive one free ticket.

Programme Partners also receive branding on the event’s promotion.

For Businesses and Organisations.

Work with one of the UK’s fastest growing Social Enterprises. Start your journey in two simple steps:

1) We’ll call you and provide you with an information pack.

2) One of our representatives will meet with you for a coffee. This gives you a chance to build a relationship with our team, and ask any questions that you may have. 

For programme partnerships, one of our directors, either Kieran Aitken or James Fleming, will arrange to meet with you.


Inspiring the next generation to think bigger.

Telephone: 0141 406 3191

Main Office: 10th Floor, Savoy Tower, 77 Renfrew Street, Glasgow, G2 3BZ