Your Application

Your Application

Your application will take between ten and fifteen minutes. We recommend that you apply on a PC, Laptop, or Tablet Computer.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You should demonstrate competence and experience within your field, and an ability to motivate our Orbiteers.
  • You live within 2 hours of your nearest Orbit Gaff.
  • For legal reasons, we cannot accept anyone with a criminal conviction to become a Champion.

The Ideal Champion

  • You have experience within entrepreneurship, banking, recruitment, technology, marketing, accountancy, law, investment banking, or sales. Please note that we also accept Champions from other fields and occupations.
  • You’re looking to support young people whilst maintaining your current occupation. 
  • You now how to get the best out of people and can motivate others.
  • You have a warm personality and a zest for life. You inspire the people around you.

The Application Process

  1. Apply through the application form on this page. We’ll send you a confirmation email that we’ve received your application.
  2. You’ll hear from us on the outcome of your application within two working weeks.
  3. If you’re accepted, the acceptance email will contain a link to our induction video and will state when & where you’re first session takes place. You’ll be asked to meet with the Programme Manager for your region.

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  • 0141 406 3191
  • 10th Floor, Savoy Tower, 77 Renfrew Street, Glasgow, G2 3BZ

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