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See the latest clips from Orbit’s Gaffs. This page is updated every month with exclusive videos taken within Orbit Gaffs. For daily updates, please follow @orbitincubator on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

Glasgow Gaff Session, February 2019.

Go behind the scenes and see clips from our Glasgow Gaff Session. This session featured a “comfort cruncher”, where Orbiteers were required to make sales calls to businesses around Scotland. 

Mike, the Glasgow Gaffer, delivered a workshop on the customer value canvas by Strategyzer, and building a CV. The session closed with the monthly “Orbiteer of the month” award.

London/Edinburgh, January 2019.

Go behind the scenes and see clips from Orbit’s Edinburgh and London Gaff sessions. This video features an interview with London Programme Manager, Perry Hannaby, and some clips of Orbit’s Managing Director (Kieran Aitken) talking to our Orbiteers.

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