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Orbit Infinity is a unique experience, and the 12 month accelerator blends expert training with a laid-back, yet electric culture of Orbiteers all striving together to reach ambitious targets.

We’re not neccessarily looking for straight-A students. We’re looking for Orbiteers that have a willingness to commit to a 12-month, “Life-changing” process. 

Completed applications will be sent to our trained Programme Gaffers, whom are experts in business with an eye for budding talent. You’ll hear back from our Programme Gaffers on the success of your application on the second week of every month.



To succeed in Orbit Infinity, we expect a complete commitment to the twelve Orbit sessions that take place every month. We want to see you set goals every month, and push yourself further out of your comfort zone.

When we receive your application, the Programme Gaffer will respond to you on the second week of every month. We accept new Orbiteers to our programmes every month, and you could join on the same month as your application.

You’ll be expected to attend one two hour Orbit session every month. In between sessions, you can invest as much, or as little time as you like. Success only comes with effort, and we typically look for Orbiteers to be working on their business or in their job for at least six hours per week.

The answer varies, depending on how much effort you put into developing your business and securing your jobs. We aim for every Orbiteer to earn at least £10,000 annually from their business, or from their part-time job. We currently have a few Orbiteers on track to earn over £100,000.

If you miss one of the monthly Orbit sessions, you’ll have to let your Programme Gaffer know at least two days before the session takes place. We take attendance seriously, and anyone who doesn’t communicate an absence beforehand or is consistently late/absent without a valid reason may be removed from the programme.

Our programme is free for Orbiteers and Schools. As part of the programme, Orbiteers must go out and secure two sponsors from local businesses, whom both pay £42 per month over a 12 month period for your place on the programme (£1008 annually). We provide training on how to secure these sponsors during the programme.

When you walk into an Orbit Gaff for the first time, you’ll be surrounded by up to 60,  16-19 year old students from 20 schools and sixth form colleges in the area. Everyone is on the same boat, and new friendships are formed very quickly.

With our package of expert mentoring, workshops, investor access, and online content, it’s highly unlikely that your business will fail. However, in the worst case scenario, we’ll ensure that the business has no debts and that there is no bad mark left on your record. 

For every space on the programme, we receive at least ten applications. It’s a competitive selection process, and to stand out we are looking for candidates whom can fully commit to the Orbit process, and can display their full desire to develop themselves.

You’ll be keeping 100% of your business’s profits, and you’ll keep all the money you earn from your part time/full-time job. You’ll leave Orbit with two references, a CV and Cover Letter, a network of contacts in your chosen field, a certificate, the opportunity to earn awards, the opportunity to meet millionaires and billionaires, and training content valued at upwards of £3000.


To be eligible to apply to Orbit Infinity you must be:

  • 16-19 Years Old. (In some cases we’ll accept 15 year old students if they turn 16 throughout their 12 month stay).
  • Be able to attend one Orbit session per month.
  • Have a keen interest in either entrepreneurship or securing a part-time or full-time job.
  • Stay within a reasonable distance to one of our “Gaffs”
  • Ambitious, motivated, and committed.


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About us

Founded in 2015, Orbit is a Social Enterprise on a mission to mould the UK’s emerging entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial talent

Our Accelerator Programme combines world class training with a unique culture, resulting in an atmosphere bursting with positive energy, creativity and ambition. 


Our Vision is for the UK to become the world leader in the production of tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

Our Mission is to lead the UK’s next generation of game-changers through a unique training experience, free for secondary schools and sixth-form academies.

Orbit Enterprise Education ltd. is a company limited by guarantee.