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Join 60 Orbiteers from 10 schools/academies in your region, and join a network of over 600 Orbiteers across the UK.

Maximise your income

Some Orbiteers have earned over £100,000 with Orbit's support. You'll keep 100% of the money you earn.

Launch your career

Orbit's 12-month accelerator is the first of it's kind in the UK. Receive support to secure your dream job or launch a business.

Become the best you can be.

Orbit's accelerator programme is designed to push you beyond your comfort zone, and build the eight skills you'll need to achieve massive success.

Application Process


Submit your application online, or pass it to the link teacher from your school/academy.


Our team will review your application and you'll receive news of the outcome on the third Wednesday of every month.


If you're accepted, we'll send you a welcome pack containing all the information you'll need to know.

Further Information

When you join Orbit, we’ll support you to find a viable business idea, or identify a career path that is best suited to your skills and passions. You’ll be required to attend two compulsory sessions per month, and you can book additional workshops and experiences through our calendar booking system.

The compulsory sessions include a monthly “Gaff” session, where you’ll gather with 30 other Orbiteers in your region to share ideas, and develop the skills required to reach astounding levels of success.

You are also required to attend a “champion” meeting every month. You’ll meet with an experienced industry leader or an entrepreneur. The champion will provide you with tailored advice on how to launch your business/secure a job in an industry of your choice.

Non-compulsory sessions include 50 workshops, 5 Life-Story events, and 50 online training courses. You can book these on our calendar and attend them at your own free will.

You’ll have the opportunity to travel around the UK, meet with billionaire entrepreneurs and leading politicians, and compete for prizes through our competitions. Prizes include £1000s in cash prizes, dinner with famous entrepreneurs, and even trips abroad.

We’re looking for Orbiteers whom have a keen interest in launching their career into the stratosphere.

Entry Criteria:

  • Aged 16-19 years old.
  • Currently in education.*
  • Lives within 2 hours from one of our Gaffs.
  • Completely committed to attending our compulsory sessions, and eager to participate in non-compulsory sessions.

The Ideal Orbiteer:

  • Ambitious.
  • Strong work ethic.
  • Eager to learn about the future of work.
  • Can demonstrate their commitment to completing projects.
  • A willingness to try new things, follow bold ideas, and leave your comfort zone behind.
  • Willing to meet new people and build networks with valuable contacts.
  • Would like to travel to cities around the UK.
  • A keen interest to launch a business (entrepreneur route)

*Exceptions can be granted.


Orbiteers are also required to secure between two and five sponsors within their first two months of participating in the programme. Orbit’s programmes cost tens of thousands of pounds to administrate and Orbiteers are trained during the Gaff sessions to secure sponsors. Sponsors could include parents, local businesses, grandparents, and anyone with an interest in your success.

We train our Orbiteers and support them to secure their sponsorship, and most Orbiteers are fully sponsored within two weeks.

Sponsorship starts at just £10.84 per month (36-month period).

Applying to join Orbit’s accelerator programme is an extremely competitive process. For every space we have on the programme, we’ll receive ten applications. It’s extremely important that you take time to ensure that you stand out amongst other applicants.

Orbiteers can apply to the programme through the links at the bottom of this page.

We assess applications on the third week of every month, and successful applicants join the programme the following week.

You’ll be required to attend your nearest Gaff (located in city centres) for one evening per month. The Gaff sessions take place on the last Tuesday of every month (for the intrapreneur programme) and the last Thursday of the month (for the entrepreneur programme). Gaff sessions start at 5.30pm and conclude at 7.45pm.

You can arrange the champion meetings with your allocated champion directly, at a time and place of your convenience.

Our workshops and VIP Life-Story events take place every weekend and can be booked at an Orbiteer’s request via our calendar system.

Online training courses can be accessed at any time.


Orbiteers keep 100% of the income from their business or job. Some Orbiteers have earned upwards of £100,000 and we aim to support Orbiteers to earn at least £10,000+ from their endeavours.


Orbiteers meet with leading business figures and industry leaders throughout their stay on the accelerator. Our champions make introductions to sector specific contacts whom can add value to an Orbiteer’s endevours.


We have monthly “Orbiteer of the Month” awards which recognise the achievements of our cohorts. Our annual awards provide the opportunity for Orbiteers to compete for awards including: 

  • Dinner with a billionaire.
  • £1000 – £3000 Cash Prizes.
  • Holidays and trips across the globe, including Silicon Valley, California.


Orbiteers are given a completion certificate detailing the progress that they’ve made, and their achievements throughout the programme.


Orbiteers will leave the programme with a clear plan for the first five years of their career. Orbit’s programme is designed to help Orbiteers find a future career path which they can excel in. Orbiteers are encouraged to find career paths that inspire and excite them.


All Orbiteers leave the programme with two references; one from the Programme Gaffer and one from the Orbiteer’s Champion.


  • Public speaking and communication skills.
  • Sales, charisma, and persuasive skills.
  • Leadership skills.
  • Team management and project management.
  • Financial management, budgeting, and investing skills.
  • CV writing and interview mastery skills.
  • Networking skills.
  • Developing, and enhancing creativity.
  • Analysing data and critical thinking.

Start your journey today.

Apply to become an Orbiteer. 

Is Orbit free for Orbiteers?

Yes, Orbit is completely free for both schools and Orbiteers. We’ve developed a unique sponsorship model which allows Orbiteers and Schools to access content worth £2000/Orbiteer completely free of charge.

What happens on my first session?

You’ll be given a video introduction to the programme upon being accepted and an information guide outlining session dates and the location. You’ll be given a warm welcome and join 30 new and existing Orbiteers in our Gaff where the programme will be explained to you.

Do I need to have a business/career idea before joining?

There’s no need to come with a business idea or a ideal career path (although you’re welcome to do so). Our champions are trained to help you find your ideal career or identify a viable business idea.

When do i have to secure my sponsors by?

Orbiteers are given two months since their starting date to secure their sponsors. We provide training and support to help secure sponsors, and the process of securing two sponsors is simple, quick, and easy.

What if my business fails (entrepreneur programme)

If you’re business fails, you’ll be able to wind up shop by contacting the HMRC and stating that you are no longer self-employed. We ensure that Orbiteers don’t get into debt, and any financial losses are kept to a minimum.

What happens when I leave the programme?

After completing the 12 months of intensive support on the accelerator, Orbiteers receive a further 24 months of ad-hoc support which they can receive on their own free will. This includes additional mentoring, workshops, trips to Silicon Valley, and much more

How will Orbit help my future career?

Running a business and starting your career at a young age gives you enormous credibility when speaking with employers, universities, or banks in the future. Some Orbiteers have secured places at prestigious Universities including Harvard University, and most Orbiteers secure well paid jobs/profitable businesses when entering the workplace. You’ll build networks with leading authorities that help to open opportunities. You’ll also have two references and a career plan helping to direct you in future endeavours.

I'm nervous about joining Orbit. Can you reassure me?

We understand that new opportunities can be daunting at first. Our team are warm and approachable, and your fellow Orbiteers will welcome you with open arms. The programme gaffer for the region will be able to provide additional support to help you settle into the programme.

How much could I earn?

You’re earnings will depend upon the level of effort you put into the programme, the career path you choose, and the profitability of the business that you own. We aim to have Orbiteers earning over £10,000 through their ventures, and some Orbiteers have earned over £100,000.

Join one of our accelerator programmes today.

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