Orbit Infinity is a unique experience, and the 12 month accelerator blends expert training with a laid-back, yet electric culture of Orbiteers all striving together to reach ambitious targets.

We’re looking for mentors to guide our Orbiteers through their twelve month stay at Orbit. Our mentors come from a broad range of business disciplines, but are united in their desire to help shape the workforce of tomorrow.

Our mentors are required to work with three Orbiteers every month and provide support to them on their journey.



To be eligible to become an Orbit mentor you must be:

  • Able to commit one night per month to mentoring, over a 12 month period.
  • Experienced within either entrepreneurship or a business discipline.
  • Warm and approachable, with a “magnetic” personality.
  • For safety reasons, we cannot permit anyone with a criminal record to become a mentor.


As a mentor you’ll be required on one evening per month, usually on the last Tuesday or Thursday evening of the month. Over a two hour session, you’ll work with three Orbiteers and provide advice, feedback, encouragement, and guidance through their journey. Afterwards, mentors are required to write a short monthly progress report on each Orbiteer which is sent to their sponsors and teachers.

You’ll be expected to attend one two hour Orbit session every month. You’ll also need to fill out short monthly reports on the progress of your Orbiteers. In total, Orbit will take less than three hours of your time per month, and Orbit sessions take place in the evening to prevent time being lost during the working day.

Where we do ask for mentors to commit to at least twelve sessions in a row, we understand that home and work commitments can sometimes take over. In the event that you miss an Orbit session, we ask that you inform the Programme Gaffer and provide one weeks notice so that a replacement can be arranged.

Our mentors gain access to a network of 20 business professionals in their area, and up to a further 200 professionals across the UK.

Mentors receive free tickets to attend our “Life-Story” events and meet the UK’s best known political and business figures.

Before joining Orbit’s mentoring team, you’ll speak with the Programme Gaffer for that region whom will provide an induction. You’ll also receive a booklet outlining the best practices for mentoring, and you’ll receive a four module video training course on successful mentoring if required.

Our pool of mentors offers a diverse wealth of experience for our Orbiteers to tap into. We’re looking for entrepreneurs and business owners to become mentors, along with anyone who specialises in a business discipline, such as an accountant, administrative assistant, digital marketer, etc.



About us

Founded in 2015, Orbit is a Social Enterprise on a mission to mould the UK’s emerging entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial talent

Our Accelerator Programme combines world class training with a unique culture, resulting in an atmosphere bursting with positive energy, creativity and ambition. 


Our Vision is for the UK to become the world leader in the production of tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

Our Mission is to lead the UK’s next generation of game-changers through a unique training experience, free for secondary schools and sixth-form academies.

Orbit Enterprise Education ltd. is a company limited by guarantee.