become a Champion

Join your nearest gaff

Join our team of 10 champions in your region, and make connections with CEOs and industry leaders in our network.

Meet industry leaders.

Meet with billionaire entrepreneurs and leading politicians in round table discussions. Get their advice, build relationships, and build your career.

Built around your schedule

You can mentor our Orbiteers through their journey whilst keeping your core work commitments. Champions choose their own working hours.

Up-skill Yourself

Orbit's accelerator programme is designed to push Orbiteers beyond their comfort zones. Our workshops and events are free to access for our team of champions.

Take your career further.

We’re looking for some brilliant Champions to join our teams spread across the UK. You’ll bring the industry insights, and we’ll bring a powerful mentoring system (the rocketfuel system) that is proven to help mentees reach the next level.

You’ll develop all the skills required to motivate, develop, and inspire a team of tomorrow’s leaders. We’ll teach you our powerful “Rocketfuel” mentoring system that can transform average teenagers into rock-star entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

Build an incredible network.

Gain access to our network of Champions spread across the U.K. Our Champions are industry experts with years of experience in their chosen profession. You’ll be able to meet with them and build lasting relationships.

You’ll also get opportunities to meet with billionaire entrepreneurs and leading politicians when they visit Orbit. Our team of Champions get time set aside to meet with, gain advice from and build relationships with some of the UK’s most prominent business leaders. 

Change the lives of 10 Orbiteers.

Be a role model for the entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs of tomorrow.

Over 20% of the jobs that exist today are at risk of being replaced by automation and AI by 2035,  and the school system doesn’t have the resources to prepare today’s youth for tomorrow’s workplace.

Your support will help a team of ten Orbiteers launch businesses and secure jobs. You’ll watch them grow month on month, and we’ll compile a report on how each Orbiteer has developed over the 12-months of your support.

Help launch an Orbiteer's career to the stratosphere.

How many hours are required per month?

Being a champion requires just five hours of your time per month. Champion meetings tend to occur outside of traditional working times, such as at weekends or on weekday evenings. You can set your own working times through consultation with your Orbiteers.

Am I provided with training?

You’ll be given a digital training course after being accepted as a champion. This outlines the role and what’s required. 

Where do my Champion meetings take place?

Champion meetings take place in locations agreed upon between the Orbiteer and yourself. Locations could include coffee shops, co-working spaces or the Champion’s office. There are restrictions on where meetings take place and we cannot allow champions to meet with Orbiteers in houses, flats, or in bars serving alcohol.

Will I work with the same Orbiteers every month?

Yes, you’ll be working with the same Orbiteers every month. This allows you to build a trusting relationship with your Orbiteers. In the event of another champion being unable to make arrangements with Orbiteers due to time constraints, we may have to temporarily alter the Orbiteers you work with.

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