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Join our team of 10 champions in your region, and make connections with CEOs and industry leaders in our network.

Hourly rates and Bonuses

Make a difference to young people and get paid in the process. Our Champion role pays an hourly rate and we also give bonuses depending on the results our Orbiteers achieve with your help.

Built around your schedule

You can mentor our Orbiteers through their journey whilst keeping your core work commitments. Champions choose their own working hours.

Up-skill Yourself

Orbit's accelerator programme is designed to push Orbiteers beyond their comfort zones. Our workshops and events are free to access for our team of champions.

Application Process


Submit your application online and you'll hear back from us within five working days.


Our team will review your application and you'll receive news of the outcome within two weeks of applying.


If you're accepted, we'll send you a welcome pack and introduce you to the programme manager for the region.

Further Information

Our team of champions are fundamental to our work. 

The role involves working with five Orbiteers, and providing each of them with an hour of 1:1 mentoring every month. Over a twelve month period, you’ll see your group of Orbiteers progress and develop their business ideas and career plans from scratch.

Champions are required to:

  • Work with five Orbiteers every month, and provide mentoring sessions.
  • Arrange monthly 1:1 champion sessions with your cohort of five Orbiteers.
  • Provide guidance and direction to Orbiteers.
  • Help Orbiteers identify three goals to achieve in a 30 day period.
  • Challenge Orbiteers and keep them accountable to the goals that they have set.
  • File short reports on the progress of your Orbiteers and send them to the Programme Manager every month.

Our champions come from a range of industries, and compliment our programmes through transferring their knowledge and experience to their group of Orbiteers.

We’re looking for Champions who:

  • Minimum 3 years of experience in the workplace.
  • Entrepreneurial background AND/OR a specialisation in a given field, eg, recruitment.
  • A warm, pleasing, and welcoming personality.
  • Able to think laterally and offer solutions.
  • Able to motivate, inspire, and encourage our Orbiteers.
  • Able to analyse performance and record progress.
  • Have no criminal convictions. 

Champions sign up to join Orbit through the form at the bottom of this page. After we receive your application, the Programme Manager for the region will schedule a call with you to discuss your background, area of expertise, skill-set, and where you could fit into the programme.

We may ask to conduct disclosure checks. This ensures that you haven’t been disqualified to work with young people in the past.


Champions are required to set aside 5 hours per month to work with our Orbiteers. Champion meetings take place at a time agreed between the Champion and the Orbiteer, and most champion meetings take place outside of traditional working hours, including in the evenings and at weekends.


Champion meetings take place at a venue chosen through consultation with the Orbiteer. The meetings could take place in coffee shops or the Champion’s office. There are restrictions on where meetings take place, and we don’t allow Champion meetings to occur in venues where alcohol consumption takes place, and the personal homes of both Champions and Orbiteers.

Champions are compensated with an hourly rate and they receive an exclusive package of benefits available to them for their support of our Orbiteers.

Compensation Package:

  • Hourly rate.
  • Bonuses based on the outcomes our Orbiteers achieve with your help.
  • Access to 50 workshops taking place around the UK. Champions are welcome to bring colleagues, friends, and stakeholders to the workshops.
  • Access to 50 online training courses. 
  • Access to our VIP Life-Story events, and the opportunities to meet with high-profile business leaders and entrepreneurs.
  • Monthly social events where champions can meet with each other over a meal, and a glass of wine.

“An incredible experience. To sum it all up… Life Changing.”

Luke Arghiros, 17, Founder of DigitalBoost.

“Orbit helped me with my confidence and communication skills.”

Louise Marshall, 19, Intrapreneur

“Orbit is an unbelievable opportunity that cannot be missed.”

Kieran Donnelly, 16, Founder of Vulcan PC.

How many hours are required per month?

Being a champion requires just five hours of your time per month. Champion meetings tend to occur outside of traditional working times, such as at weekends or on weekday evenings. You can set your own working times through consultation with your Orbiteers.

Am I provided with training?

You’ll be given a digital training course after being accepted as a champion. This outlines the role and what’s required. 

Where do my Champion meetings take place?

Champion meetings take place in locations agreed upon between the Orbiteer and yourself. Locations could include coffee shops, co-working spaces or the Champion’s office. There are restrictions on where meetings take place and we cannot allow champions to meet with Orbiteers in houses, flats, or in bars serving alcohol.

Will I work with the same Orbiteers every month?

Yes, you’ll be working with the same Orbiteers every month. This allows you to build a trusting relationship with your Orbiteers. In the event of another champion being unable to make arrangements with Orbiteers due to time constraints, we may have to temporarily alter the Orbiteers you work with.

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