Inspiring the next generation to think bigger.

Ready to inspire the next generation to

Our mentors are the backbone of our work. 

Coming from all backgrounds, and in all shapes and sizes, our mentors provide a monthly meeting with our Orbiteers as they develop their business, or find their own job in an industry of the future.

Mentors work with the same five Orbiteers per session, and can choose to either mentor our budding entrepreneurs, or they can mentor our intrapreneurs as they secure a job in an industry in the future.

What our mentors say
'Mentoring was worthwhile' 97%
Nurturing the next generation
'My mentoring made an impact' 93%
I would recommend mentoring
Mentors who would recommend signing up. 95%

Mentoring the entrepreneurs of the future was as educational to me as it was to them. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing the confidence, and competence of the Orbiteers you've been working with soar month on month.

Daniel Reilly

Mentoring at Orbit involves you giving up one evening per month. 

We’ll make it worth your while, however. Receive free tickets to our ‘Life Story’ events, and be in with the chance of meeting some of our guest speakers face to face.

Become a mentor in three, easy steps.

Becoming a mentor is a simple process. 

  1. Please fill out the form to apply. 
  2. We’ll call you at the given date and time, and provide you with an induction and information pack.
  3. Attend the first Orbit session at the given date and time which will be provided.

You’ll be provided with a phone-call induction and further information.

Inspiring the next generation to think bigger.

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