Inspiring the next generation to think bigger.

On a mission to inspire the next generation to think bigger. 

Founded in 2015, Orbit is one of the UK’s fastest growing Social Enterprises and currently has operations around the UK.

Our primary work involves supporting teenagers, aged 16 – 18, to either launch businesses or to find a job, and support them through the process of doing so.

How We Started

We were disgruntled by overly-corporate, stale educational programmes within schools and wanted to challenge the status quo.

In 2015, founder Kieran stood outside a factory for three hours, unannounced, to meet Sir Tom Hunter, and pitched Orbit to him in the middle of the car park.

Since then, Orbit has gained the backing of some of the UK’s biggest business and political figures. We’ve got a proven model, and are taking it UK wide.

We’re the real deal.

As a Social Enterprise, we’re a fully self-sustaining business which doesn’t accept donations.

We strike a balance between profit, and purpose, and this guides every decision we make.

We were founded to have an impact on shaping the future of the next generation, and we’re living proof that where you’re going in life matters much more than where you’ve been.

Think Bigger

We’ve got a solid team to power Orbit as we take our model around the UK.

Our Director, James Fleming, is a big believer in thinking big. He coaches clients through his business, The Power Within:

This video interview documents his rise from a working class Wishaw boy, to managing a 30,000 person remit in Dubai and advising the UK Prime Minister in Downing Street.

Meet the team.

Kieran Aitken - Gaffer

Kieran is Orbit’s managing director and is responsible for securing partnerships with organisations, ensuring that we maintain our high standards.

David Smith - Finance Director

David’s main job is to make sure that we don’t go bankrupt. He also invoices schools, and pays the bills and wages.

He provides updates on our financial position, and manages our cash flow.

Lesley Kane - Client Relations

Lesley maintains relationships with all of our school and business clients. She is the point of of contact for schools and businesses when they sign up to work with us, and provides warm and competent customer service.

Kieran Donnelly - Sales

Kieran was a previous Orbiteer, and opened a computer repair shop in Glasgow. He then joined Orbit’s team, and is responsible for getting new schools and businesses to sign up.

Hassan - Programme Admin

Hassan oversees the administration for our Orbit programme. He collates with our partners, mentors, Orbiteers, and ‘Gaffers’, and ensures everything goes to plan.

James Fleming - Director

James advises the company as we grow, and manages our Glasgow programme. He trains our team (and Orbiteers) to reach peak performance.

Our Partners

Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young are one of the world’s leading financial services firms.

Through the EY foundation, Ersnt and Young have been supporting Orbit since 2017 and provide our Edinburgh Gaff.

The Prince's Trust

The Prince’s Trust are the UK’s leading foundation for supporting young people.

They began supporting Orbit in early 2017, and provide our Glasgow Gaff.

Inspiring the next generation to think bigger.

Telephone: 0141 406 3191

Main Office: 10th Floor, Savoy Tower, 77 Renfrew Street, Glasgow, G2 3BZ