Inspiration, Networking, Insights.

Learn from billionaire entrepreneurs, famous athletes, leading politicians, and industry leaders at our Life-Story events.

Taking place around the UK, Orbit’s “Life-Story” events take you on the journey that our VIPs have taken to achieve success. You’ll learn their tips for success, and have the chance to meet our VIP in person.

Standard Pass

£ 13
Per Month.
  • Attend Unlimited Events (over three years).
  • Seating at the venue.
  • Networking Opportunities at each event.
  • Life-Story Handbook.
  • One Hour Interview.
  • 30 Minutes Q&A Opportunity.

Gold Pass

£ 27
Per Month.
  • Attend Unlimited Events (over three years).
  • Front Row Seating at each event.
  • Networking opportunities at each event.
  • Life-story handbook.
  • One hour interview.
  • 30 minutes Q&A opportunity.
  • Short meet & greet with each VIP visitor.
  • Professional photograph with each VIP.

Three Years of Inspiration.

Sign up to get your three year life-story pass today. For just £13.99 per month, you can attend as many Life-Story events on our calendar as you please.

By signing up for a three-year pass, you’ll be supporting an Orbiteer in one of our 10 U.K Accelerator Programmes to launch their own business or secure a job in the industries of tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions.

When you buy a three year pass, you’re also directly sponsoring an Orbiteer to participate in one of our Accelerator Programmes. It costs Orbit £1000 to put an Orbiteer through the programme, and each Orbiteer requires two sponsors to cover the cost.

The cost of sponsoring an Orbiteer is spread over 36-months to keep the programme accessible for Orbiteers from all walks of life. 

Yes, unless you offer to pay annually or upfront.

We’ll host between five and ten life-story events per year across the 10 UK cities we operate from.

No. When you agree to sponsor an Orbiteer over a three year period, you are agreeing to maintain monthly payments over a 36-month period.

Contact or call 0141 406 3191 and our team will be happy to help.

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