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Inspiring the next generation to think bigger.

Inspiring the next generation to think bigger.

Giving the next generation a bright future.

We’re the ‘Go-To’ provider for schools looking to build enterprise and employability skills in their senior students.

We’ve supported hundreds of 16-18 year old Orbiteers through Orbit Infinity, building the skills, experience, and networks they need to give them a head start.



Easy for schools to set-up and administrate.

It takes no longer than one hour for a school to set up and administrate Orbit Infinity. 

No timetable changes. No transport arrangements. No nonsense. 

Plus, it’s only £40 per month to subscribe.

Completely Self-Sustaining.

We never have, and never will accept donations.

We’re a fully self-sustaining Social Enterprise that provides the highest quality service to both school clients and business clients.

Profit, with purpose.

Teenagers we helped to launch businesses
Teenagers we helped to find jobs

Profit, with Purpose.

We're Popular
Participants Who Complete The Programme 93%
Thinking Big
Participants With Increased Confidence 97%
(£) Earned from our teenage entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow
Participants Likely to Launch a Future Business 92%
Intrapreneurs of Tomorrow
Participants Who Feel More Employable 95%
'After leaving school, I began to run my business, Digital Boost, full time. Orbit was an incredible experience. To sum it all up... life changing'
Luke Arghiros
17 - Founder, Digital Boost
'Orbit affords opportunities for students that would simply not be accessible in school, from any element of the curriculum or community'
Nichola Mortimer,
Teacher, Williamwood High School
Kieran Aitken, the Founder and MD of Orbit.

Kieran Aitken, Orbit’s “Gaffer”

Just three years from launching, Orbit has grown from a one man band to having several staff members, and thanks to the support from Ernst and Young, RBS, The Princes Trust, and our other partners, we’re taking Orbit UK wide.

We’re a Social Enterprise, meaning that we are a business existing to solve a Social problem. We’ve never taken a donation in our existence.

Teachers are busy people. We’ve found a way of cutting down administration time, and costs, whilst maintaining very high standards for the programmes we run.

Our biggest motivator, however, is seeing the impact that our programme’s have on the leaders of tomorrow. 

Wanting to make a difference? Come and join us.

A 20 Year Old CEO, a team of 6, Millionaires, Billionaires, failures, successes, and much more.

See our story.

In 2015, Orbit was an idea on a sheet of paper.

Students in schools were tired of patronising, boring, and ineffective ‘skills development’ programmes in schools.

We were launched to disrupt the establishment, and inspire the next generation to think bigger.

Read our story here.

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Inspiring the next generation to think bigger.

Telephone: 0141 406 3191
Email: info@weareorbit.co.uk

Main Office: 10th Floor, Savoy Tower, 77 Renfrew Street, Glasgow, G2 3BZ